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wills attorney servicesPeople come to us with all kinds of concerns. Many times, they're in a hurry to do what they can as a spouse or parent enters a long-term care facility. In a growing number of cases, we get to work with baby-boomers who have just helped parents through the process and want to avoid the problems they faced for themselves and their families. Sometimes, though, people just want to see what it is they should be thinking about as they reach milestones in their lives-getting married, having children, looking toward retirement.

As a firm, we also address long-term care issues such as:

  • Qualification for Medi-Cal, including assistance with spend-down
  • Using living trusts and irrevocable trust agreements to provide for the management of your assets both during periods of incapacity and after death
  • Drafting medical powers of attorney, living wills and health care directives to ensure your wishes for medical treatment and end-of-life decisions are followed.
  • VA Aid and Attendants Benefits

We pride ourselves on not just handing you a solution to your problems, but in helping fashion your solution. What might be a great estate plan for your next-door neighbor might not do anything for you. We realize that when it comes to estate planning, you shouldn't be buying off-the-rack and we don't expect you to take whatever plan is easiest for us to put together.

With Raymond F.Churchill, Attorney At Law, qualified as a CPA, we are able to understand more than just the legal concepts involved in planning for disability or the transfer of your assets at death. We can help you make good financial decisions as well. Raymond F.Churchill, Attorney At Law keeps current with all the latest changes in the law affecting estate planning and relevant government programs through participation in a number of associations, including:

  • California State Bar
  • Southern Alameda County Estate Planning Council
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Accredited by the VA General Counsel

Raymond F.Churchill, Attorney At Law has prepared more than 100 estate plans. We offer our clients the benefit of our experience in the preparation of a full range of trust agreements, including living trusts and special needs trusts as well as medical needs documents like durable powers of attorney and living wills.

If you are facing the immediate task of how to prepare for life with a loved one in a nursing home, you probably feel like you've just picked up a hot wire. We can help you turn down the voltage. We can give you options. Don't put off doing something another minute. Contact us now and set up an appointment to get the help you need.

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